Hello and welcome to myefolio, my name is Caroline Bivona and I am a transfer student from Ivy Tech Community College. I graduated from Ivy Tech in 2011 with an Associates of Applied Science in Visual Communications and am pursing my Bachelors degree in Visual Communications here at Holy Cross College. As a transfer student I was unsure of what to expect and I am enjoying all the new experiences that Holy Cross has to offer. As an art major creativity is part of who I am and throughout my journey as an artist I am always experimenting with failing and successful results. I truly believe that "the essential part of creativity is not being afraid to fail" and those failed experiences shape us into a unique individual. Whether it be a life experience, work related or even in the art studio; all elements both positive and negative are stepping stones to the future.

Throughout my time at Holy Cross College I have gained many wonderful experiences that have shaped me as an individual. My first semester at Holy Cross College was unexpected, but enlightening at the same time. Once I started classes I thought I would continue my art degree and produce work for an art show. I was not aware of all the amazing experiences that I would be a part of throughout my two years at Holy Cross. One of my favorite classes was Service Learning and being a part of the St. Vincent Tract. The service I have done in the past did not live up to the experiences I gain in Service Learning.

Along with service I was able to participate in the first Refugee Awareness course in replace of the global experiences trip. As a full time student and part time employee I was unable to attend a global experience trip. When the global class experience was added I was able to be a part of a ground breaking course. Professor Griffin taught the class a lot about the lives of refugee overseas and how they are treated poorly. For the final class we had the pleasure of meeting refugees that had come to America seeking a better life. Each story was sad but inspiring because these families were able to escape their harsh life and begin a new life.

As an art major, the experiences that I have had at Holy Cross have inspired my artwork and everyday life. Each day I wake up I am inspired to help others and have a positive attitude that will spread to those around me. I have met wonderful friends and professors at Holy Cross that have help shape me into the individual I am today. I will use all the knowledge and experiences I have gained from Holy Cross to follow my dreams and one day become an art professor myself.